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Lip Balm 25ml with kukumakranka (Gethyllis) fruit extract infused.
Kukumakranka was laboratory tested 2014 and found
to be one of the highest fruits in
anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties.
This is a soothing lip ice from the natural fruit ingredients.
Ships Worldwide: 6 - 8 weeks.
sexy aphrodisiac fragrant oil made from Gethyllis fruit for cooking
Koekemakranka scented oil 25ml. Recently confirmed as being
one of the world's rarest fruits, with the highest levels of
cancer-fighting and detoxifying agents.This oil is
steeped with aromatic flavours of the flower and fruit
of this rare traditional Khoi San food.
Ships Worldwide: 6 - 8 weeks.
processed kukumakranka fruit preserved and seeded used as African traditional sex appeal attraction for women
Kukumakranka preserved, processed and seeded whole fruit.
This rare novelty food source has been dried,
processed and preserved. Whole fruits were traditionally
placed in the pockets of men who believed
the strange perfume emitted by the fruit was
irresistible to women - a traditional aphrodisiac.
sexy rugged bangle from animal hair substitute
Hair Bangle from Substitute Fiber. The mystical allure of
animal hair, especially Rhinoceros and Elephant,
is well known and still present today
as many such fashionable items are still worn today.
This is a substitute fiber, as we say "No"to
any unsustained "RhiNO" product trading.
Ships Worldwide: 6 - 8 weeks.
grow your own rhino substitute plants
Kukumakranka -- scientific, "Gethyllis" - Novelty Seed Packets.
Grow your own traditional African Aphrodisiacs. Gethyllis fruit
was a source of food for Nama, Khoi San, people
from Namaqualand, bushmen land of Southern Africa.
The first colonialists learned of their penis-shaped fruit
and have used it for centuries as a traditional aphrodisiac.
Mixed packets seed variety. Ships yearly March-June.
Bulbine natalensis grow your own testosterone plant
Bulbine Natalensis novelty seed packets. Select your
quantity and grow your own enhancers. Germination
instructions enclosed. Summer aloe-like plant,
the extract of which is used to boost muscles,
hormones, and growth. This is a novelty: For actual leaf extract
use, professional knowledge of extract is recommended.
Disclaimer: Use at own risk. Ships Worldwide: 6 - 8 weeks.

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